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#11 Sunburn and melons

On April 28th, the hottest and sunniest day of being in Pennsylvania I helped transplant the melons from the melons started in the greenhouse into the field. I took a stick and stuck a hole through the weed paper every 1ft and the lady I was working with followed with a trowel full of compost and one of mineral. Before planting any plants we soaked the plants in the cleverly nicknamed "fish sauce" which was a mineral bath to help reduce transplant shock. Then it was time to plant, making sure to cover all the potting soil with the natural dirt, to make sure it retains water correctly. The farm set up an above ground drip irrigation system in the beds.       I spent all day planting and talked to a group of chefs from Brooklyn about the farm. I also got extremely sunburned.. It's true wearing sunscreen is the best advice. 

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